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Modelo de ensino e práticas pedagógicas 21-22

Teaching Model and Pedagogical Practices 2021/2022


The recent technological developments and rapid social changes have created new challenges for engineering education in the 21st century. In Portugal, these challenges are compounded by the negative demographic trend, the persistent effects of the recent financial crisis and the increasing international competitiveness of the most prestigious universities.

A crosscheck analysis of new emerging professional contexts, new trends in engineering education and teaching practices at prestigious universities with the current teaching model at Técnico, clearly points to a urgent need to create a new teaching model and pedagogical practices for the 21st century – Técnico 2122.

A set of best practices implemented in several prestigious universities were considered relevant for IST:

  • Solid academic foundation in Engineering Sciences;
  • Project-Based Learning, Research-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Client-Based Learning, Hands-on;
  • Flexible learning pathways;
  • Inclusion of Humanities in Engineering;
  • Integration of soft skills in curricular units (UC);
  • Multidisciplinary integrated projects;
  • Planning the academic year in order to improve greater focus and continuous learning;
  • Internationalisation;
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation training programmes – Business & Academia;
  • Good teaching, study and living conditions for the academic community;
  • Diversity of diplomas;
  • General Engineering Science course (1st study cycle) taught in English.
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